M(other)land is a dance theatre piece created in 2017.The work celebrates the relationship between African nuances, gestures and dance through a fusion of poetry, explosive African, Dancehall and UK Grime movement with a narrative across three scenes:(Place)nta, M(other) T(on)gu(e) and S(we)ar D(own)? Inn(it). 

Scene 1

“(Place)nta” an allfemale dance theatre piece following the journey of a group of women who learn the difference between freedom and survival whilst trying to preserve their identity in a new home.  

Scene 2

M(other) T(on)gu(e)” A theatre forum piece where the cast investigate a feeling of displacement when exploring the question “where are you from?” Join the cast for an interactive discussion afterwards.

Scene 3

S(we)ar D(own) Inn(it)” When being outcasted becomes norm, embodying the underground energy empowers us to write ourselves into history wherever we end up.

The performance is followed by an interactive discussion with the cast.

Cast and collaborators: This piece functions with a rotating collaborative element, no performance is alike nor are the people in it. Each year the energy stays the same and the cast have one goal: to leave a part of themselves in the work for the next as it takes a village to raise this child. I cannot thank each and every one of you for your honesty and bravery in every rehearsal process this would not exist without you. Literally. Words do not suffice, NLA is endlessly grateful.

Niquelle LaTouche – CEO and Founder

Motherland Team:
Niquelle LaTouche
Aurore Dinaux 
Claudia Quinn
Nefeli Makaridou 
Molly white
Mya Lewin
Josie Norman 
Sia Gbamoi 
Elizabeth Ude 
2018 additions:
Monique Burrows 
Soraya Jones 
Ngozi Sweeney
Ruby Jalland 
Mia Montero-Whitehall
Keisha Cameron 
Sydney Murrell-Weekes
Helenie Young 
Emily Hammant
Tayaz Hamilton 
Sophie Thorner 
Elle George
Charlotte Norris
Jade Hackett (Choreographic assistance)
2019 additions:
Dwayne Francis (co-music production)
Liza Vallance (Dramaturge)
Laura Odena-Sedeno
Emmanuella Spence-Marshall 
Victoria Keith

2020 additions:

Leon Jacques

Jasmine Semiju

Patrycja Matejko

Lailah Choudhury

Leon Benjamin

Georgina Capdevila Cano

Cherilyn Albert

Olu Alatise

Francesa Miles

Julie “Ladybird” Ballestra

Gaddiel Mvutu



Photography: Nigel Korley-Simon

music production: Echo_X AJ Cyrile

2019: Tate Modern Gallery London ,Interactive performance art (solo).2019- M(other) T(on)gu(e) – Institute of Contemporary Art – London (Trio)https://www.ica.art/live/woke-beyond-the-voyage 2019: Move It Festival photo: FionaWhyte & Shellwynphotography2019- M(other) T(on)gu(e) – Vital Stages at Studio 3 arts photo: Jimmyleephotography 2018- Move It show – Excel London. (18 cast version partnered with Reading School of Dance) photo: Elizabeth Ude. 2018- Richmix London (solo) 2018- Barking Broadway Theatre – Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase (duet) photo: Jimmyleephotography2018- Barking Broadway Theatre – Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase (duet) photo: Jimmyleephotography
2018 – Albany Theatre (Solo)
2018- Albany Theatre (solo)2017- Lift Off Festival , South Hill Park Bracknell . Photo: SavannahPhotographic

2017 – DEBUT @ Move It – Excel London